Want to do good business by doing good with business? WhyCo is your partner to success

”Great leaders give everyone something to believe in, not something to do.” – Simon Sinek

Responsibility by Design

WhyCo has been founded with the mission to make corporate social responsibility real, to make it more than a glossy surface. If done right, it can be a powerful force that moves people and changes the world. Read more in the blog!

Business is rapidly moving towards more sustainable practices. Do you want to be the active operator in this change or do you let the megatrends take over?

WhyCo supports companies in making corporate social responsibility the backbone of their business, to make it real and maximise the impact. The company’s responsibility can then be found in everything it does and says. It inspires people to change the world and takes the company to new levels of success. A responsible company is often also more profitable.

Responsibility as a strategic advantage

WhyCo’s service builds on finding the business opportunities and improvements in strengthening a company’s corporate responsibility. Sustainability offers possibilities for any company to make better business and take the society forward at the same time. Read more about WhyCo’s services in Finnish here.

Responsibility by Design means that the core business takes societal responsibility and its purpose leads it. It’s more than just a glossy surface – the company’s purpose is greater than itself. As important is that the core functions of the firm are managed responsibly.

WhyCo is founded by Michaela Ramm-Schmidt. I have vast experience of corporate responsibility work and I know the day-to-day life of companies. My extensive research insights form a solid foundation for my support to clients. My wide network of trusted partners secures the best possible expertise for clients.

What’s your excuse for not being responsible in business?

Wednesday 24.5.2017|Comments Off on What’s your excuse for not being responsible in business?

Most business leaders consider corporate responsibility important. Many even agree that it’s a must in a successful business. This is of course great and I completely [...]

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