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Responsibility is made real by first understanding WHY the company exists and WHY its task in society is important.

HOW do you make your corporate responsibility real?

  1. First you clarify the company’s primary task and role in society – what need does it fulfil, what problem does it solve and what good does it do? This is the company’s responsible WHY. The WHY must be so powerful that you can see, hear and feel it.
  2. Then you bring the WHY to life by identifying HOW to run your business so that everything you say and do is in line with your WHY. These are the guiding principles.
  3. The company’s product or service, the WHAT, is the tangible proof of your WHY.

All employees must also understand WHY they do their job and WHY it’s important. This means that everyone and all teams have an own WHY that is connected to the company’s greater purpose. All functions, from the top down, must see their contribution in fulfilling the company’s WHY. They need to know what responsibility means in their daily life.

Responsibility does not become real over night and it’s not a quick fix.

The work must be done properly and it takes time to change attitudes. You have to stop to think and the work has to be done together with the employees.

WhyCo’s task is to coach a company and its employees in clarifying their role in society and to identify the greater purpose, the responsible WHY of the business. The next step is to jointly plan HOW the responsible WHY is integrated into all operations, strategy and communications. Also, other changes to the way the company works may be necessary to make responsibility the foundation of its business.

WhyCo will also provide its clients long-term support. It helps in making sure that the WHY will remain integrated in the business and that it continues to empower the people.

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WhyCo Oy

WhyCo has been founded with the mission to make corporate responsibility real, to make it more than a glossy surface. If done right, it can be a powerful force that moves people and changes the world.

WhyCo supports its clients when they want to incorporate responsibility in their business. Making corporate responsibility real is an effective tool to improve the company’s operations and build a brighter future for everyone. Corporate responsibility is often also very profitable for the business.

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