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Corporate responsibility means that the company takes societal responsibility – its business has a purpose that is greater than itself.

WHAT is corporate responsibility, when it’s for real?

In WhyCo’s philosophy responsibility is not a tick the box exercise and it’s not just reporting. It’s also not an isolated project of the communications department to handle.

In the end, responsibility is caring and we all have a responsibility to care. No one, not even businesses, lives in a bubble and we are all members of the same society where everyone is dependent on each other. We all play a part in how society moves forward.

To make responsibility integrated into the business means that the company identifies its role in society and understands the shared value it can create. This is a responsible WHY. When the company’s mission is to fulfil this greater purpose, it moves society forward with its business and responsibility becomes real.

A company is often founded to solve a problem in society or fulfil a specific need, its purpose leads it.

Often, however, this purpose is lost or you forget why the company existed in the first place. Sometimes the original purpose, the WHY, has diminished or it’s not up to date anymore. You may have lost the connection between why the company exists and WHAT the company does. You may focus too much on just numbers and processes and short-term financial gains start leading the company. The business is disconnected from the surrounding society and the greater purpose.

However, every company has a WHY, a fundamental reason for its business. By defining it as the shared value that the organisation creates in society, makes the WHY responsible.

As an example, a forest company’s responsible WHY could be to make products out of wood to reduce the use of fossil raw materials so that the global carbon footprint is decreased. A law firm’s responsible WHY could be to work with clients in a way that shapes the common business environment to serve society better.

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WhyCo Oy

WhyCo has been founded with the mission to make corporate responsibility real, to make it more than a glossy surface. If done right, it can be a powerful force that moves people and changes the world.

WhyCo supports its clients when they want to incorporate responsibility in their business. Making corporate responsibility real is an effective tool to improve the company’s operations and build a brighter future for everyone. Corporate responsibility is often also very profitable for the business.

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