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WhyCo is founded with the mission to make corporate responsibility real. To inspire organizations to see the value in doing good, and in the process, to become more authentic and successful corporate cultures.

WHY should corporate responsibility be integrated into the business?

Whether it’s corporate responsibility, social responsibility, sustainability, CSR or ESG, responsibility efforts often seem to be isolated projects of the communications department or a “tick the box” reporting exercise. People seem to think that strong slogans and press mentions about responsibility automatically make a business responsible. But when you look deeper, what a company says is often not in line with what it does.

A vast opportunity is wasted by creating responsible “positioning” without a culture of responsibility. Energy, money and resources are put into brief, glamorous identity projects that don’t affect the organization’s core. If corporate responsibility is just a series of outward facing communications and technical compliance processes, it won’t make a difference or help to move society forward.

For responsibility to have a true impact, it must be built into the heart of the business. Into the culture. Into the energy and beliefs of each employee.

Built-in responsibility means that the business is Responsible by Design.

When responsibility is integrated into the business, the organisation becomes Responsible by Design. Its positive impact in society increases and it understands the wider consequence of its operations. It gives work a purpose and it moves people to do better – people thrive by understanding WHY they are doing the right things, and how it adds shared value, and supports success. This in turn improves the company’s operations and makes it financially more profitable.

A company’s responsible purpose, when clearly defined, builds a strong foundation – it becomes the business’ DNA. The company understands its core task in society, its WHY, and it knows better how to accomplish this task in the right way. The WHY explains to the organisation and its employees who or what they primarily should care about, allowing everyone to understand how their work is connected to the greater purpose. When employees understand WHY their job is important, they start caring more and valuing their work. When you care, you also take responsibility.

In WhyCo’s vision corporate responsibility can be found in everything a business does and says. Responsibility by Design is a powerful tool to inspire people to take their companies in powerful, meaningful directions, and to move society forward.

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WhyCo has been founded with the mission to make corporate responsibility real, to make it more than a glossy surface. If done right, it can be a powerful force that moves people and changes the world.

WhyCo supports its clients when they want to incorporate responsibility in their business. Making corporate responsibility real is an effective tool to improve the company’s operations and build a brighter future for everyone. Corporate responsibility is often also very profitable for the business.

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